Friday, October 03, 2014

Ilmu Sosial Budaya Dasar

seseorang berkembang melalui interaksinya dengan orang lain. Sesuatu yang kemudian disebut looking-glass self terbentuk melalui tiga tahapan sebagai berikut 1. Kita membayangkan bagaimana kita di mata orang lain.'
Seorang anak merasa dirinya sebagai anak yang paling hebat dan yang paling pintar karena sang anak memiliki prestasi di kelas dan selalu menang di berbagai lomba.
2. Kita membayangkan bagaimana orang lain menilai kita.'
Dengan pandangan bahwa si anak adalah anak yang hebat, sang anak membayangkan pandangan orang lain terhadapnya. Ia merasa orang lain selalu memuji dia, selalu percaya pada tindakannya. Perasaan ini bisa muncul dari perlakuan orang terhadap dirinya. MIsalnya, gurunya selalu mengikutsertakan dirinya dalam berbagai lomba atau orang tuanya selalu memamerkannya kepada orang lain. Ingatlah bahwa pandangan ini belum tentu benar. Sang anak mungkin merasa dirinya hebat padahal bila dibandingkan dengan orang lain, ia tidak ada apa-apanya. Perasaan hebat ini bisa jadi menurun kalau sang anak memperoleh informasi dari orang lain bahwa ada anak yang lebih hebat dari dia.
3. Bagaimana perasaan kita sebagai akibat dari penilaian tersebut.
Dengan adanya penilaian bahwa sang anak adalah anak yang hebat, timbul perasaan bangga dan penuh percaya diri.
Ketiga tahapan di atas berkaitan erat dengan teori labeling, dimana seseorang akan berusaha memainkan peran sosial sesuai dengan apa penilaian orang terhadapnya. Jika seorang anak dicap "nakal", maka ada kemungkinan ia akan memainkan peran sebagai "anak nakal" sesuai dengan penilaian orang terhadapnya, walaupun penilaian itu belum tentu kebenarannya.

tentang agama " Ilmu pengetahuan"

Our noble Prophet(pbuh) said: "It is better for you to be stabbed in the head with an iron needle than to touch the hand of a woman who is not permissible to you." Let me share an experience with you: A young christian lady(a friend of mine) attempted to shake my hand at College few days ago, and I told her I was sorry, my religion does not permit me to do so. And she asked: 'Why don't muslim men of this college shake my hand?' And I told her: 'The reason why muslim men did not shake your hand(or of another woman) is because they honour and respect you as a woman and a person who has a right to her dignity, and her self-respect. Also, their hands are not their own but a trust given to them by Allah for touching only those females who are given to them in trust by virtue of either a blood bond like a sister, mother, or child or in a sacred bond of marriage as a wife.' Why should we truely transgress the bonds of Allah to please a human being?
Science has well proven that men are stimulated by sight but women by touch. How can they(these men) touch you when your husband should have the honour and the right to your person and being instead of any stranger? Is it only Islam that has a problem as some people may say? This issue of men shaking hands with women was not actually accepted by society even in the United States and U.K. less than one hundred years ago. Unless it was through proper introduction and the woman had first extended her hand toward the gentle man, it was considered improper for a man to extend his hand if the lady did not offered hers. Additionally, it was only expected the man would hold only the tips of her fingers, while lowering his gaze. Check it out for yourself and see how much society has deviated away from some of the very basic principles in social interaction between males and females.
Terjemahan : Ilmu pengetahuan telah membuktikan bahwa pria juga dirangsang oleh pemandangan tetapi wanita dengan sentuhan. Bagaimana bisa mereka (orang-orang) menyentuh Anda ketika suami Anda harus memiliki kehormatan dan hak untuk orang Anda dan menjadi bukan orang asing? Apakah Islam hanya yang memiliki masalah karena beberapa orang mungkin mengatakan? Ini masalah pria berjabat tangan dengan wanita itu tidak benar-benar diterima oleh masyarakat bahkan di Amerika Serikat dan Inggris kurang dari seratus tahun yang lalu. Kecuali itu melalui pengenalan yang tepat dan wanita itu pertama kali mengulurkan tangannya ke arah pria yang lembut, itu dianggap tidak tepat bagi seorang pria untuk memperpanjang tangannya jika wanita tidak ditawarkan miliknya. Selain itu, itu hanya diharapkan pria itu akan terus hanya ujung jari-jarinya, sambil menurunkan tatapannya. Check it out untuk diri sendiri dan melihat berapa banyak masyarakat telah menyimpang jauh dari beberapa prinsip yang sangat mendasar dalam interaksi sosial antara pria dan wanita.
Allah says in(Surah Al-Ahzab vs 36): "It is not meant for a believer, man or woman, when I and My Messenger have decreed a matter that they should have any option in their decision. And whoever disobeys Me and My messenger, he has indeed strayed into a plain error." Allah also says in(Surah Al-Hashr vs 7): "...........And whatsoever the messenger(Muhammad) gives you, take it; and whatsoever he forbids you, abstain from it. And fear your Lord; truely, I Am Severe in Punishment."
Terjemahan : Allah berfirman dalam (QS Al-Ahzab ayat 36):. "Hal ini tidak dimaksudkan untuk seorang pria, percaya atau wanita, ketika saya dan Rasul saya telah menetapkan suatu hal yang mereka harus memiliki pilihan apapun dalam keputusan mereka Dan barangsiapa mendurhakai Me and My messenger, dia memang tersesat ke dalam kesesatan yang nyata. "Allah juga berfirman dalam (QS Al-Hasyr vs 7): "........... Dan apapun utusan (Muhammad) memberi Anda, ambillah, dan apapun dia melarang Anda, menjauhkan diri dari itu Dan ketakutan. Tuhanmu, benar-benar, I Am parah dalam Hukuman ".

Friday, April 04, 2014

English Task 1 - Universitas Terbuka

I. Usethe words in the box to find synonyms for the bold and italicized words:



think about







(1) Before you attempt to install it, you should read the directions. try
(2)I was anxious about my test results.  worry
(3)It is difficult to predict the weather. forecast
(4)When the students heard they would have a test, they started to grumble. complain
(5)He began to ponder the reason that he failed. Think about
(6)After the earthquake, the villagers desperately needed aid. help
(7)Don’t worry. She’ll finish the job. She is very diligent. Hardworkins
(8)I am weary. I need to rest. tired
(9)I couldn’t persuadeher to stay in school. convince
(10)I can’t recall what his name is. remember
(11)The captain began theassaultin the middle of the night. attack
(12)They started to construct the house yesterday. build
(13)You think it’s too expensive? I concur. I won't buy it at that price. agree
(14)If water gets in the building, it will ruin the paintings. destrroy
(15)I will not permityou to marry my daughter. allow

II. Choose the wordthat is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters(Antonym)
A. selfish
B. reliant
C. inferior
D. autonomous
A. endure
B. quit
C. remain
D. vacate
A. bore
B. perform
C. recline
D. excite
A. wonderful
B. hideous
C. beautiful
D. average
A. ask
B. interrogate
C. inquire
D. request
A. disqualified
B. undesirable
C. proper
D. clumsy
A. sufficient
B. largest
C. merest
D. limited
A. promote
B. enlarge
C. limit
D. reduce
A. erect
B. own
C. shed
D. occupy
A. recover
B. concede
C. wager
D. endanger
III. Tickthe one that does not have the same sound (homonym)
IV. Identify the superordinate of the following hyponym ineach set
Ex: H ouse, shed, building, garage, cottage, hut
Superordinate: building
1. Plate, saucer, cup,soup bowl, dish, serving bowl cooking equipment
2. Stream, river,rivulet, creek, brook, tributary element of river
3. Glance, peep, stare,leer, look (at), view, watch point of view
4. H urricane, tornado, gale,storm, typhoon natural disaster
5. Carpenter, electrician, craftsman, plumber jobs / career
V. Add a PREFIXand/or SUFFIX to the words below and put them in the correct sentence. Inbrackets you'll find some information on the parts of speech to use.
Probable communicateagree health anger
Responsiblefame help like careful conclude
Ex : The lightsare green, but nobody is moving. He is so …angry…… (adjective)
1. I think youshould drive more slowly You’re scaring me (adverb)
2. She is a very popular TV star. (adjective)
3. They havedifferent opinions on the subject. Their argument. will last forever. (noun with anegative meaning)
4. Brian is alwayslate for work. He is so lazy. (adjective with a negative meaning)
5. This Mathproblem is very difficult. Mary didn't come to any solution. (noun)
6. He can't see thebanana peel. He will definitely. slip and fall. (adverb)
7. You shouldn'teat so much junk food. It's very harmful (adjective with a negative meaning)
8. Thanks forfinding my cat. You're a very nice  young man. (adjective)
9. My parents arealways fighting. There is no harmony between them anymore. (noun)
10. I really dislike  mypacked lunch. It doesn't smell so nice. (verb with a negative meaning)